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Cannabis and Energy SAVINGS


Indoor production of Cannabis consumes a tremendous amount of power.  Energy is the second highest expense for the Cannabis grower.


A study by scientist Evan Mills, published in the Journal of Energy Policy in 2011, put that number at 1 percent of the nation’s total energy supply, equal to the power consumption of two million average homes and valued at $5 billion a year. This would be like having three million additional cars on the road, belching out carbon dioxide and warming our planet. It means that every joint you smoke requires the same amount of energy to produce as leaving a 100-watt light bulb on for 17 hours, or driving a 44-mile-per-gallon vehicle for 15 miles. This energy use drives up the cost of cannabis, according to High Times Magazine.

At Grasso Group, we have developed a sophisticated yet simple method of reducing the Cannabis grower’s energy costs by eliminating the “middle man” and buying energy directly from the source. We use existing infrastructure and equipment to ensure the energy is delivered to you seamlessly just as your current utility company does.

How much money can Grasso Group save you?

Grasso Group will provide a free analysis to make that determination:

  1. All we need is three of your last but current energy bills; we will then analyze the amount of energy you are using and associated costs.

  2. We will then provide a detailed cost savings analysis.

  3. Then, should you decide to choose Grasso Group to provide your energy, we will manage all administrative and physical requirements and begin to save you money.

We have nine years of successfully providing discounted power to other industries and strive to continue offering energy cost savings to the entire Cannabis industry including cultivators and makers of infused products.

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