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Strategic Planning


Too often, companies turn to lawyers and accountants when they get into trouble. These professionals tend to look at legal angles and are often oblivious to the fact that imaginative public, media and government relations strategies can help overcome adversity.

Faced with bleak predictions at the outset of a controversy, many companies fold their tents without considering strategic public relations.


A major chemical plant accidentally releases red dye and yellow pigment damaging a neighborhood river and houses. The community is outraged. A stunned company mulls closing the plant.



We quickly develop and implement short-term and long-term strategies involving town meetings, plant tours, videos, brochures, and environmental and educational programs.


Three affected towns approve the project. The company’s image greatly improves. A survey finds 75 percent of the community is not positive about the company. Instead of closing the plant, the company expands employment and capital investment.

Look for a team that knows how to fight for your immediate and long-term interests.  Look for Results.

Whether we are acting as a trusted advisor to the deal making team or corporate management, Grasso understands, manages, and resolves environmental risk concept planning, start-up permitting process, construction management, mergers, acquisitions, ownership and divestitures. From financial investors seeking to maximize return on investment (ROI) across their asset investment — to strategic investors or operators seeking to advance their platform without concern for environmental liabilities — Grasso and their associates create value through the sustainable and efficient resolution of environmental risk.

“Ideas matter.  So does persistence. 

Your company needs both to win business – and public relations.”

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