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Facility Development siting


Grasso Group has unmatched experience dealing with energy-industry projects. We helped build political and public support for a $975 million international gas transmission project, as well as an imaginative, first-in-the-nation gas supply outsourcing program.

We have represented the nation’s largest energy concerns at public hearings and the entire natural gas industry at major public events. We’ve shepherded passage of complex rate hikes through regulatory commissions and legislators.  Consider our results.


A major utility wants to build a liquid natural gas (LNG) transfer station on US Navy land.  After two years, the project stalls.


We work with communities to allay fears about LNG and develop a plan to deal with 17 different Navy command functions, eventually meeting directly with the Assistant Navy Secretary at the Pentagon.



Three affected towns approve the project.  The Navy Secretary cuts “red tape” and approves the project.  The LNG transfer facility is now operating.  Our efforts took less than 11 months.

"I have known Jim and worked with him on a variety of energy related projects since 1981. Jim’s public relations work and advice in the area of energy facility approval, siting and operations has always been prescient, timely and helpful. I recommend him without reservation."

— Jim Behnke- Shareholder at Rich May

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