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Crisis Communication


Sooner or later, every company faces crisis.  Damage to the reputation of an unprepared company can be devastating – and permanent. Grasso Group has decades of experience dealing with corporate crisis, from defusing a potentially explosive controversy over a PCB spill to minimizing the impact of senior management shakeups. There aren’t any cookie cutter solutions for business crises.  The paramount requirement is to maintain control of potentially damaging situations.

When it comes to dealing with crises communication, look at a firm’s experience and track record.  Look for Results.


It was the world’s largest PCB spill.  And it was happening in Massachusetts – one of the nation’s most environmentally sensitive states.



Working quickly behind the scenes, we orchestrate company and community responses.  We develop key messages, select and prepare a local government official as a spokesman, and initiate contact with regulators and media.



Virtually no mention is made in the news media.  There are no regulatory problems.  No lawsuits.  The company is allowed to ameliorate the spill without media and public hysteria.

“Quick thinking.  Contacts.  Experience.  That’s what’s needed in a crisis.”

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