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Public and Media Relations


“With the media, you need credibility. 

It’s an insiders game – not a job for wannabes.”

Few New England public relations firms can top Grasso’s capabilities in media relations. We provide a mature level of counseling, featuring a former Wall Street Journal reporter, with all types of media, including national publications and network broadcasters.


A local reporter writes a series of negative stories about a major hospital including an “expose” about the hospital’s higher-than-normal Cesarean birth rate. 



We develop positive story ideas about the hospital.  Ideas are promoted to national media, bypassing local media.



Major stories about the hospital appear in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.  CBS’s “Sunday Morning” television show does a 15-minute report.  The hospital also appears on ABC’s “Good Morning America” show.  Local media is forced by national coverage to write positive news about the hospital.  The negative local stories end.  The hospital’s reputation is enhanced.

Success in media relations depends on contacts and experience. Make sure your consultant can show you results.

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